Meet the Owner

I’m Joan and I am the owner of 2 Harts Boutique, here in little Grimes, Iowa. Yes, Harts is spelled correctly, Hart was my maiden name. Was it always my dream to own a clothing boutique? No, not really. I was always going to grow up to be an executive with a personalized parking space. I went to business school and earned my Associates Degree in Business Administration and several years later went back to night school and earned my Bachelors in Business Administration graduating my class Cum Laude. (That ONE class knocked me out of Suma Cum Laude!)

I worked in the corporate world for several years and left to run the office of my husband’s concrete business. When I decided it was time for me to strike out with my own business, I opened Cooking by J – I was a personal chef and caterer. I opened in 2016 after a trip to Ireland really inspired me to find my own path and it led me to the kitchen.

Jump ahead 6 years and in the span of 6 months my mama and daddy both went to heaven leaving me heartbroken. I had a lot of time in the car and did a lot of soul searching….I was ready for a new challenge—our baby girl was just finishing up her first year in college and I was ready for a fresh start. Our “little” town of Grimes, is growing by leaps and bounds and I could see a business opportunity and decided to go for it. With the support of my family, Brad, Hope, and our pup; Miss Mercedes... 2 Harts Boutique was envisioned and stared coming to life.

Once I decided I wanted to provide a great shopping experience for my customers, I took my idea turned into dream, and ran with it. As I struggled with a name I decided to honor my late mama and daddy – hence the "2" in the name. This beautiful boutique is the culmination of the love from two wonderful parents that I miss deeply... I hope I made them proud.